Година – it means “year” in Serbian. –  so as i kept thinking about what to change in the nex year something came to my mind. a new period starts now full of new opportunities. and the ends of the years are full of regreting; what can i do to make a difference in the next time and be brave enough to take all my chances to fill my heart with the light of excitement?Image

i’m obsessed with the idea of a 365 day photo project. i already worked out the concept, so it is ready to start 1st january 2013. this year will be dedicated to adventures, emotions channeled into hard work to find my way in the land of photography… i’m going to keep updating but not every day.

however i’m going to post weekly the picture of the week and comment it in a few words.

i have to confess that i am a beginner photographer and much more interested in analogue techniques then in digital…


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