Happy Birthday Mr. Tolkien!

today’s experiment was dedicated to this great man. first of all i must thank him the great jurney, i could participate, from Middle Earth to Mordor, and for all the great man i met during the adventure.


he was also a professor of linguistics which is one of my favourite subjects at the uni. and i must mention it was for him C.S. (Jack) Lewis became a christian and wrote the Cronicles of Narnia…







i’m going to keep exploring in the next couple of days and maybe start shooting earlier so i can work in day light not only with this freaky 50W bulb… u have also a lot to study i have philisphy, academic writing and literature exams… i also wanna read every day a little in Serbian. i don’t know if it’s wrong or not to buy presents for ourselfs but i promised myself that if i pass all my exams i’ll buy better lighting equipment. if my still life shots are gonna be better from the beginning of february, you’ll know i passed 🙂

sometimes it is so good to get lost in a wonderland; in the world of magic. when real life gets this boring like the exam period at the university i just cannot stop reading books that take me out of my world and show me a totally different way to live. is it good that my reality self is getting weaker and weaker and the part of my mind which lives in an imaginary world gets stronger ang stronger. is this a possible way to live?


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