Let’s face it!

this post started to be a whining one šŸ™‚ but i chsnged my mind.

i think nobody is interested about it… let’s just say i tried the today’s photo practice anyd i failed. but still learned a lot from it. first of all, that i cannot hate myself for it. and it’s not a good enough reason to give up. if anybody reads this – and i hope someone does – believe me the worst choices in the life are when we are giving up. i know this from experience because i did it too many times.

so i decided i’m gonna bw stubborn and keep doing it event if i’m not the most talented person that ever lived šŸ™‚day2a day2c





these pictures are telling the truth. like my reflection in the mirros showing me my strenghtes and my weaknesses too. it’s just for me; it all depends on me now. am i brave enough to look into the eyes of that person in the mirror who stares at me and speaks the truth? it shouldn’t be this scary, i know, but sometimes i tend to overreact if i get negative feedback. and mirrors are cruel. they cannot lie. so i must listen though it’s not heavenly music, it’s sound is terrible. but i have to learn to see myself in a different way… because the mirror reflects the light. it doesn’t work at all in total darkness. so there must be something – a little thing – to hold onto. it’s my great chance and i’ll take the challenge; i’ll find the way to grab the source of the light and hold it in my hand… really really close to my heart.


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