new year’s resolutions!

so i didn’t want to make any to but i changed my mind… just one more reason to cry about that i failed to do in 2013…



so i’m 23 then i make like 9:

1. join/found an illegal organization

2. break a record in doing dumb things every day

3. prophesize the end of the world

4. become an evil wizzard or dictator in a 3rd world country

5. prove an extremly difficult math problem

6. confute it and publish it under a different name

7. gain as much weight as i can

8. spend extremly long time with people i hate

9. finally tell the world who killed JFK 😛


what are yours?


2 thoughts on “new year’s resolutions!

  1. Haha well! That’s an interesting list of New Years Resolutions! It’s definitely different from “I want to stop smoking, lose weight, cut the alcohol” etc… but you know, people tend to stop with their resolutions after six of seven weeks… how do you stop yours?

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