behind the scenes – Ultimatum to the Hungarian government!!

i don’t know if this has ever happened in the history ever. the hungarian students gave an ultimatum to the government. the prime minister, the minister of education and other politicians were invited to the forum today but they other – probably more important – things to do. for example to participate the golden ball awards in Zürich, Switzerland.

today the hungarian universities opend again. they were closed in the last two weeks, this was the so called “coal holiday” that older generation might know from the Rákossi era, the darkest hours of communism in the 1950s. and the reason is the lack of money for the heating of the buildings.


none of the students’ claims were fulfilled since the middle of december when the demonstrations started; contrary the answer of the government was to abolish the state scolarships at the university of economics and law. this act includes 16 subjects which are the most popular ones and lst year 48% of the graduated high school students applied for one of these!

today Rózsa Hoffmann state secretary for education came up with one great idea. let’s make latin language a mandatory subject in high scools!

the deadline is 8th of february. if there aren’t gonna be any radical and positive changes the demonstrations will continue.


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