my favourite english word:




i cannot actually give a reason why. probably because it is associated with the feeling of looking upon something majestic. the feeling when everything else, everything ordinary loses importance and i’m gazing and gazing; it is no longer outside of me. i am the blue sky, i am the valley, i am the endless ocean. time stops and i become part of something eternal. this moment is going to be mine forever. no matter what i saw, a wonderful work of art or anything captivating in the nature, even if it is terrific, hideous.






so behold! here is the miracle, here are the wonders. not just your eyes but your soul connents to the sight. this deep yearning is satisfied now because there is always a need for the thing we call art. but what i call art is more than a painting or a poem. it is everything that holds beauty, that inspires the spirit, and tells mankind that life is magic.


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