when we grow old…

The Garden Seat

Its former green is blue and thin,
And its once firm legs sink in and in;
Soon it will break down unaware,
Soon it will break down unaware.

At night when reddest flowers are black
Those who once sat thereon come back;
Quite a row of them sitting there,
Quite a row of them sitting there.

With them the seat does not break down,
Nor winter freeze them, nor floods drown,
For they are as light as upper air,
They are as light as upper air!

Thomas Hardy

maybe this is a srtange topic from a young girl in her early 20s. but i kept thinking about this poem… how much it scares me – and maybe others too – to look at death. this is what this poem makes easier but it doesn’t let us forget that it is about us. it uses a distant picture, an old garden seat, that is broken and seems to be dying. but it is all about humans in the darkness crying for consolation that comes from the grave, comes from those who passed already away. it gives hope to men that our lives are not meant only for this few decades we spent on earth. we are created for more and this is what keeps us moving. a touch from the after-life, a glance at eternity.


actually i have no idea why is this connected to the topic in my head but i loved listening it during i wrote this post. so i thought someone might enjoy it as well…. or might not. i admit my taste in music is really WEIRD!


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