The first university occupation in Hungary

i proudly present that we moved in and don’t wanna leave the university building in budapest until the government starts listening to us! NOTHING ABOUT US WITHOUT US!

DSCF5438 DSCF5431 DSCF5454 DSCF5443

the last week the government announced that in spite the previous promises they made, they want to include in the constitution the contract that students have to sign that obligates students to work in Hungary after graduation twice as long as they studied in high education. first of all this is against the EU laws that allows every EU citizen to work anywhere in the member countries. the so called reforms include the change of the whole application system, which is terribly unfair with the now graduating high-school students. the withdrawal of major financial supports causes the dismissal of high number of university employees as well. teachers, professors and students keep demonstrating together hoping that democracy will win at the end.

the aim of the demonstrator is to form a forum and commence the real dialogue with the decision makers and force them to consider our needs and will and make education available for even broader social classes . we want to live and work in our home land but not because we are forced to but because we can! we want the government to make us stay by providing employment and a way to use our skills and talents.

the forums we organise at the university day by day give an opportunity to everyone to practice our democratic rights to make  our own and our country’s future better.

i personally hope that the government will change this attitude before we have to take desperate and more radical moves. wee want real democracy that is not only for the good of the members of the parliament but for each citizen. we want SOLIDARITY regardless of age, race, sex, level of education. these things make us culourful but not more or less important!


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