our love story with fear

today i s aw a picture which made me think about our fears and the emotional bund between us and our fears. no, not the objects we fear but the fear itself. and i was thinking about the culture of fear specifically in the american culture.

if someone travels overseas to start a new life, what bring they there? but the more important question is that what can they leave behind? they have the opportunity that others rarely have in their lives. they could have left behind everything that hold us back. they could have got rid of every superstition, monster, demon, religion behind, but they chose to bring them along.

why do mankind choose to be afraid? why do we choose our fears instead of freedom?

how ironic that the old schemes and old regimes were built up again though they had the chance to create something totally new.

they called it freedom, but they were not free. Levaing Everything Behind: this is freedom.

and what made me think about this? this picture…Image

Grant Wood: American Gothic…


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