A hitchhiker experiment 2

So it all started about 4 years ago, when I looked at the map. No, this wasn’t my first time looking at a map, I always loved them since I was a child. Even before I went to school I loved my father’s Great World Atlas. But it was an older edition, so when I finally got to a geography class in school I was surprised that a few countries disappeared, such was Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia. (I had to look up the spelling, I’m neveg gonna be able to learn it, sorry…)

But this isn’t really important.

So it all started about 4 years ago, when I had a funny thought. My home town’s name is Tata. When I mention it to foreigners they laugh and some of them says it means something in their language. That’s why I thought I’d try to look for other cities with the same name. And indeed I found one.

Tata, Hungary

Tata, Morocco

My brother and I decided to travel there and visit our town’s namesake. But since we are not rich guys with huge private planes, our only option is a low budget hitchhiking tour. So then we started to plan our trip and thought this summer we would take an experimental tour around Europe to see how it really works. None of us did this before, only I have a few friends who do it regularly. Based on their records and after a thorough research on the internet – the academic approach is very important in every situation – we planned the trip, then packed our backpacks and left. I asked my brother what place should be our ultimate goal and he immediately answered: “London”.

1st day

First day, first friends.

Our first two rides didn’t take us really far, in the afternoon we were still only 40 km from home. And no one would pick us up. We kept walking around the petrol station asking people if they would help us to move forvard. No luck. Then we met two men whom I asked

– Elnézést, beszélnek magyarul? (Excuse me, do you speak Hungarian)

They just stared at me

– Excuse me, do you speak English?

No answer for a while then one of them noticed the map in my hand and asked:

– Gde putuješ? (Where do you travel?)

Hearing someone just to speak to me in Serbian made my heart leap. I explaind them our plan. Unfortunately they were truck driveres, not allowed to take the highways during the weekend. Anyway they invited us to have lunch with them. They were from Macedonia, and on their way to Bratislava, Slovakia. Later with my brother we made a sign to Vienna, but no one would pick us up. We were devastated, and considered giving up. (no, not really but we were very very disappointed) We were also given dinner by other truck drivers, very hospitable people from Portugal. We didn’t even ask for it, they just told us to join them. They spoke Spanish and Italian, I speak English, Serbian and a little French. But they were still extremely friendly.

We waited a whole night there…

2nd day

About at 6 am we were already waiting for a ride with our sign “Vienna.” A van stopped, a red haired lady leaned out of the window and told us to get in. They said they don’t go into the city but can take us to really close to it. I explained that we were on our way to the Atlantic ocean and the sign simply indicated the direction, and we thought we can have more luck if we don’t write a place too far. She said they were on their way to Paris, so we are welcome to join them all the way to France. We accepted and had great time with them during the 19 hours dirve. They dropped us near a metro station, and we headed to the city centre still unable to believe how lucky we were.

3-4th day

Spent mostly with sightseeing, so there isn’t much exciting or funny things to tell. My brother kept quoting from movies in every situation, which was hilarious and we had lots and lots of fun. Later in the afternoon we took the train to Écouen cause we thought it’d be easier to get to the main road from a smaller town than from the middle of a metropolis. So we arrived into the most beautiful little village I ever have been in. An by the evening we got to the A16 highway. The night was incredibly cold and long.

5th day

Early in the morning we got up and a truck driver picked us up who was on his way to Belgium.


(to be continued…)


Photo Title

i couldn’t find any title that could describe this picture… nor the feelings that made me draw it. this is one of my professors and we just call him the Datk Lord behind his back. he is absolutely evil and absolutely genius.
he teaches British and American Political Systems… does it matter after all?!

my favourite english word:




i cannot actually give a reason why. probably because it is associated with the feeling of looking upon something majestic. the feeling when everything else, everything ordinary loses importance and i’m gazing and gazing; it is no longer outside of me. i am the blue sky, i am the valley, i am the endless ocean. time stops and i become part of something eternal. this moment is going to be mine forever. no matter what i saw, a wonderful work of art or anything captivating in the nature, even if it is terrific, hideous.






so behold! here is the miracle, here are the wonders. not just your eyes but your soul connents to the sight. this deep yearning is satisfied now because there is always a need for the thing we call art. but what i call art is more than a painting or a poem. it is everything that holds beauty, that inspires the spirit, and tells mankind that life is magic.

Sunce izadje – the Sun rises

as i was looking for an idea or topic for today’s photo i couldn’t come up with anything good. finally i took my Serbian dictionary opened up and pointed at a random word. it was izaci – изаћи – it means to exit or rise (Sun, Moon)

so i decided to try shooting some nice pictures in the sunrise. this was early dawn so i looked up the time of the sunrise – 7:29am – and headed to the nearby train station. unfortunately the sun was invisible all day long because of the thick fog. so i tried something else.


i guess now it is obvious why i wait so desperately for the summer. though i live in Hungary i have mediterranean blood and cannot wait for the summer.

but should really small things like cold wind and darkness upset me this much? or i can just make up my mind and start doing what i can until the summer comes with its brightness and joy.


behind the scenes – Ultimatum to the Hungarian government!!

i don’t know if this has ever happened in the history ever. the hungarian students gave an ultimatum to the government. the prime minister, the minister of education and other politicians were invited to the forum today but they other – probably more important – things to do. for example to participate the golden ball awards in Zürich, Switzerland.

today the hungarian universities opend again. they were closed in the last two weeks, this was the so called “coal holiday” that older generation might know from the Rákossi era, the darkest hours of communism in the 1950s. and the reason is the lack of money for the heating of the buildings.


none of the students’ claims were fulfilled since the middle of december when the demonstrations started; contrary the answer of the government was to abolish the state scolarships at the university of economics and law. this act includes 16 subjects which are the most popular ones and lst year 48% of the graduated high school students applied for one of these!

today Rózsa Hoffmann state secretary for education came up with one great idea. let’s make latin language a mandatory subject in high scools!

the deadline is 8th of february. if there aren’t gonna be any radical and positive changes the demonstrations will continue.

Let’s face it!

this post started to be a whining one 🙂 but i chsnged my mind.

i think nobody is interested about it… let’s just say i tried the today’s photo practice anyd i failed. but still learned a lot from it. first of all, that i cannot hate myself for it. and it’s not a good enough reason to give up. if anybody reads this – and i hope someone does – believe me the worst choices in the life are when we are giving up. i know this from experience because i did it too many times.

so i decided i’m gonna bw stubborn and keep doing it event if i’m not the most talented person that ever lived 🙂day2a day2c





these pictures are telling the truth. like my reflection in the mirros showing me my strenghtes and my weaknesses too. it’s just for me; it all depends on me now. am i brave enough to look into the eyes of that person in the mirror who stares at me and speaks the truth? it shouldn’t be this scary, i know, but sometimes i tend to overreact if i get negative feedback. and mirrors are cruel. they cannot lie. so i must listen though it’s not heavenly music, it’s sound is terrible. but i have to learn to see myself in a different way… because the mirror reflects the light. it doesn’t work at all in total darkness. so there must be something – a little thing – to hold onto. it’s my great chance and i’ll take the challenge; i’ll find the way to grab the source of the light and hold it in my hand… really really close to my heart.


Година – it means “year” in Serbian. –  so as i kept thinking about what to change in the nex year something came to my mind. a new period starts now full of new opportunities. and the ends of the years are full of regreting; what can i do to make a difference in the next time and be brave enough to take all my chances to fill my heart with the light of excitement?Image

i’m obsessed with the idea of a 365 day photo project. i already worked out the concept, so it is ready to start 1st january 2013. this year will be dedicated to adventures, emotions channeled into hard work to find my way in the land of photography… i’m going to keep updating but not every day.

however i’m going to post weekly the picture of the week and comment it in a few words.

i have to confess that i am a beginner photographer and much more interested in analogue techniques then in digital…